How to get 7.5 and above in IELTS in a rush

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Academic IELTS tests are definitely not easy even if you speak english all the time. Mostly because of how the test is done. I only had 1 day to prepare (I was busy and when I got time I procrastinated). So I bought two books – 1 practice test book and 1 book that you can see below. And I will tell you how to prepare if you have REALLY little time.

Do the writing first

I know many will say do the reading or listening, but if you really do no have time, do the writing test first. Follow the examples in the book Target band 7 and do all the writing exercises. You will surely score above 7.5

In case you do not have the book at hand, think of this way – every essay must have an intro, body and conclusion. Basically tell what you are going to tell, tell and then tell what you told.

Graphs are interesting part as they are there to test how you group information together and summarize it. Do a few of those.

Think in “why” for speaking

If you speak english often you may think that you will do well in speaking test. Problem is, there is a very easy way to make people speechless – just ask “why”?

  • Did you ever consider changing your name? No – why? Yes -Why?
  • Do you think getting more holiday is important? No – why? Yes – Why?

You can really get stuck and this is exactly what they will do in the speaking test. So it is best if you can speak a bit slower and do some logical thinking to answer that.

Chances are that even if you get stuck a bit here and there you will still get 7.5 as long as you made sense of what you said.

To do well in listening, sleep well the night before

I think the only way to do well is to concentrate well. And if you are sleepy you surely can’t concentrate. So sleep well the night before if you want to do well in listening

Skim through the questions first and mark keywords to do well in reading

It is better if you just skim through the question so that when you see one you mark it for later reference.

And buy the best IELTS book ever


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  • Nice share Avijit vai. I’ll remember the tips when I’ll again sit for IELTS exam.

    • Haha. ok. Hope it helps. At least it helped me

  • より良い方法があれば、私もよくやってみよう、あなたの见方を、私もとても賛成の立場を示した。ありがとうございます.

    • どういう意味ですか?

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